Chia Kings

The goal was launching a new product line of chia-based snacks

Chia Kings

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Product Launching


Chia Kings is a health food company specializing in chia-based products. Their mission is to provide customers with healthy, delicious, and sustainable food options. The company's goal was to increase its brand awareness and expand its customer base by launching a new product line of chia-based snacks.


Dizemane Marketing Agency was tasked with developing a comprehensive branding, packaging, and launch strategy for Chia Kings' new product line. The client's expectations were to create packaging designs that would stand out on the shelves and attract customers. The company wanted to convey its commitment to sustainability, health, and natural ingredients through the packaging design. The budget and timeline for the project were also identified at the outset.


One of the biggest challenges faced by our team was to create packaging designs that would comply with regulatory guidelines while still standing out on the shelves. We overcame this by working closely with regulatory agencies to ensure that our designs met all the necessary guidelines while still achieving the desired effect.

Another challenge we faced was to identify and target the right audience. We conducted extensive market research to determine the target demographic for the new product line and developed a launch and marketing strategy tailored to this audience.


Our team began by conducting extensive research on the health food industry and identifying the latest trends and preferences of consumers. We also analyzed the competition to determine how we could differentiate Chia Kings from other health food brands.

We then developed a branding strategy that communicated Chia Kings' commitment to sustainability, health, and natural ingredients. Our team created a new visual identity, including a new logo, color palette, and typography. We also developed messaging that spoke to the company's values and mission.

In addition to the branding strategy, we developed a packaging design that stood out on the shelves and conveyed the brand's commitment to sustainability and natural ingredients.

The new branding and packaging effectively differentiated Chia Kings from its competitors and positioned it as a leading health food brand.

Through our comprehensive branding, packaging, and launch campaign, we were able to help Chia Kings achieve its business objectives and expand its customer base. Our work on the Chia Kings project highlights our commitment to creating effective branding and packaging solutions that help our clients achieve their goals.

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