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With a team of experts in branding, development, and PR, we have a proven track record of delivering results for our clients.

Dizemane Marketing

Our mission is to help businesses grow and succeed by providing innovative marketing and PR solutions. We strive to create meaningful connections between our clients and their stakeholders, building trust, loyalty and brand recognition.



Marketing Plan
Customer Journey
Product/Project Launch
Brand Experiences
Growth Strategy


Company Naming
Logo Creation
Messaging/ Copywriting
Stationery/ Books/ Signage

Platform Development

Web Development
Online School Development
App Development
AI and Metaverse Development

Digital Media

Content Creation
Social Media Management
Advertising Campaigns
Influencer Marketing

E-commerce Growth

Growth Strategy
Affiliate Marketing
Loyalty and Conversion
Paid Advertising
E-mail Automation

Public Relations

Top Tier Editorial Placement
Media Communication
Sustainability & ESG
Multicultural Communication
Event Organization

We work with these industries

Our marketing agency has extensive experience working with a wide range of industries. We pride ourselves on understanding the specific needs of each sector, crafting tailored strategies to drive growth and create lasting connections with target audiences.

Dizemane Marketing Real Estate, Hotel & Construction

Real Estate, Hotel and Construction

Dizemane excels in delivering tailored marketing and PR solutions for the Real Estate, Hotel, and Construction industries, driving growth, elevating brand visibility, and fostering strong customer relationships.

Dizemane Marketing

Energy and Renewables

Dizemane delivers tailored marketing and PR solutions for the Energy and Renewable industry focusing on ESG friendly communication, sustainability and green marketing.

Dizemane Marketing

Tehnology and Innovation

Dizemane offers customized marketing and PR solutions for the technology and innovation sector, emphasizing startups, innovative product launches, and cutting-edge advancements.

Dizemane Marketing

Retail and E-commerce

We provide comprehensive e-commerce solutions, including development, maintenance, and growth marketing for retail businesses seeking online success. Our expert team caters to all aspects required for thriving in the digital marketplace.

Dizemane Marketing

Food & Agriculture

Dizemane specializes in bespoke marketing and PR solutions for the agriculture and food sector, leveraging our expertise in launching new brands, rebranding, and boosting online sales for maximum impact and growth.

Dizemane Marketing

Luxury & High End Brands

Dizemane provides bespoke marketing and PR solutions for luxury and high-end brands, focusing on industry-specific strategies such as targeted branding, exclusivity, influencer partnerships, and premium storytelling to elevate brand image and drive sales.

Dizemane Marketing

Education & Healthcare

Dizemane offers tailored marketing and PR solutions for education and healthcare industries, focusing on sector-specific approaches such as targeted messaging, thought leadership, community engagement, and digital campaigns to drive awareness and growth.

Dizemane Marketing

Professional & Administration

Dizemane provides customized marketing and PR solutions for the professional and administration sector, concentrating on industry-specific tactics like targeted messaging, thought leadership, networking events, and online presence to enhance brand visibility and drive growth.

A portfolio of

01. Branding

Create. Connect. Inspire. Sell. Differentiate. Innovate. Engage. Transform.

J & R E-commerce
Victory Real Estate Group
Jobe's Hat
JH Boutique
Inteleum - Oil and Gas
Chia Kings
Cornlab - A New Brand Created by Dizemane
Davinci Tiling
Latina Bikinis
Yaya's Sweet Bites
Mundo Latino

02. Platform Development

Code. Design. Web. E-commerce. Educate. AI. Databases. User Experience.

03. Digital Marketing

Social Media. Influencers. Content Creation. Promos. Lead Generation.

Dizemane Marketing IndustryDizemane Marketing IndustryDizemane Marketing Industry

04. E-commerce Growth

Loyalty. Sales. Conversion. SEO. Advertising. Automation. Customer

Dizemane Marketing Ecommerce GrowthDizemane Marketing Ecommerce GrowthDizemane Marketing Ecommerce Growth

05. Public Relations

Editorial Placement. Media Communication. Sustainability & ESG.

Dizemane Marketing Public RelationsDizemane Marketing Public RelationsDizemane Marketing Public Relations

Made our clients happy


At Dizemane, we understand that the key to successful creative solutions starts with understanding the problem at hand. That's why we take the time to fully understand our clients' needs, goals, and target audience before diving into the creative process.

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