Cornlab - A New Brand Created by Dizemane

Fresh and modern brand to appeal to health-conscious consumers


what we did

Logo Creation and Naming

Brand Guideline

Packaging Design

Visual Identity


CORNLAB Tortillas is a family-owned business that produces high-quality tortillas made from traditional recipes and ingredients. The company approached Dizemane Marketing Agency for the naming, branding and packaging solutions that would help them differentiate themselves from their competitors and appeal to a broader audience.

The brief

The client was struggling to stand out in a crowded market due to a lack of a strong brand identity. They wanted a comprehensive branding strategy that would effectively communicate their values, highlight their commitment to quality, and resonate with their target audience. They also wanted to create a brand that reflected their Mexican heritage and celebrated the traditional tortilla-making process.

Overcoming challenges

One of the primary challenges faced by our creative team was crafting a brand positioning and a visual style that effectively communicated the company's core values while still being approachable to a diverse audience. We worked closely with the client to understand their unique selling points and develop a messaging strategy that resonated with their target audience. We also ensured that the brand identity was consistent across all channels of communication.

Preparation and planning

We conducted extensive market research to identify industry trends, customer preferences, and competitor positioning. We also conducted focus groups to understand how customers perceived the company's offerings and used these insights to craft a comprehensive branding strategy. Our team also created a detailed brand positioning document that outlined the company's unique selling points and naming.


The rebranding campaign successfully communicated CORNLAB Tortillas' values and highlighted their commitment to quality and tradition with a modern look. The revamped brand identity was well-received by consumers, leading to increased brand awareness, engagement, and sales. In fact, the company reported a 25% increase in sales in the months following the rebranding campaign. The revamped website and social media campaigns led to increased web traffic and improved brand visibility.


Through our comprehensive branding strategy, we were able to effectively showcase CORNLAB Tortillas' unique value proposition and help them differentiate themselves in a crowded market. Our work on rebranding this family-owned business has had a measurable impact on their business, resulting in increased brand awareness, engagement, and sales. The success of this campaign highlights the efficacy of our branding solutions and our commitment to helping our clients achieve their goals.

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