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Experience the rustic charm of the countryside with Country Origins, your go-to destination for authentic country apparel.

Country Origins

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Country Origins is a family-owned farm that produces high-quality, organic fruits and vegetables. Their mission is to provide fresh, healthy produce while promoting sustainable agriculture. The farm faced significant challenges due to the competition from larger agricultural companies and their inability to reach a wider audience.


Country Origins approached Dizemane Marketing Agency with the brief to develop a new brand identity that reflected their values of sustainability, health, and freshness. They also wanted to expand their customer base and increase their market share.


One of the significant challenges faced by Dizemane Marketing Agency during the implementation of the campaign was creating a unique brand identity that stood out in the competitive organic produce market. The team realized that the brand had to convey the message of sustainability, health, and freshness while appealing to a wider audience.

To overcome this challenge, the team conducted extensive research into the latest trends in organic produce marketing. They also consulted with Country Origins to understand their vision, mission, and values. By collaborating with the client and understanding their needs, the team was able to develop a brand identity that aligned with their goals while standing out from the competition.


The branding team at Dizemane Marketing Agency started by conducting a thorough analysis of Country Origins' business and the market they operate in. They identified the target audience and developed a unique value proposition that would set Country Origins apart from the competition.


The new brand identity for Country Origins was launched, and the results exceeded expectations. The new logo and visual identity were well received by customers, leading to an increase in brand awareness and sales. The brand's unique selling points, brand values, and high-quality organic produce resonated well with customers, attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.

The collaboration between Country Origins and Dizemane Marketing Agency was successful in creating a new brand identity that reflected the client's values while standing out in the competitive organic produce market. Through extensive research, careful planning, and collaboration with the client, the team was able to overcome challenges and deliver results that exceeded the client's expectations.

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