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ECO DROP: Sustainable Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry Globally

Eco Drop

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ECO DROP is a company that offers sustainable and innovative solutions to the oil and gas industry, specializing in waste management, water treatment, and energy efficiency. The company operates globally, providing services to major oil and gas companies around the world. ECO DROP aims to set new standards for sustainability and governance within the industry.


ECO DROP approached Dizemane Marketing Agency to develop a new brand identity and strategy that would reflect their commitment to sustainability and their unique value proposition in the market and new

communication. The client wanted a new visual identity that would differentiate them from their competitors and communicate their values of sustainability, innovation, and reliability.

We created reports that highlighted the company's dedication to sustainable practices and their positive impact on the environment. We analyzed their data to showcase their achievements in renewable energy, recycling, and waste reduction. By presenting this information in a clear and concise way, we helped Eco Drop to communicate their sustainability efforts to their stakeholders, including investors, customers, and partners. We were proud to help Eco Drop tell their story and inspire others in the industry to prioritize sustainability practices.


One of the primary challenges faced by Dizemane Marketing Agency was creating a brand identity that would communicate ECO DROP's sustainability initiatives to a global audience. Our team conducted extensive research on the industry and target audience to understand the latest trends and preferences of potential customers. We also worked with the client to identify their unique value propositions and key messaging.


Our team started by developing a branding strategy that focused on communicating ECO DROP's commitment to sustainability and innovation. Our team developed messaging that spoke to ECO DROP's sustainability initiatives, such as reducing carbon footprint and minimizing waste.


Through our comprehensive branding campaign, we were able to effectively communicate ECO DROP's commitment to sustainability while differentiating them from competitors in the industry. Our work on rebranding ECO DROP highlights th

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